Pharma Lable Inspection Machine

Defects to be inspected :

  • Print on the label missing
  • Double print on the label
  • Sequence of the label inaccurate (Incremental / Decremental)
  • All three Camera Results are tracked till the OK/NG Sorting Stations.
  • Print Smudging
  • Legitimacy of printed characters.
  • This system will be designed to inspect the Labels running on your machine & decoding the OCR Text for qualifying the right information. So, if it’s an Incremental Sequence of Numbers or Decrementing Sequence of Numbers, the Vision System will raise appropriate flag depending upon the error found during Operation.
  • The labels are inspected by the Dual camera-based vision system to cover bigger FOV (up to 400mm as required / Up to 8 UP’s). Max Line Speed for Inspection = 80 Mtrs/Min.

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